DronePro Pty Ltd

We’re one of Australia’s top service providers of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).  Our mission is to use Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technologies to survey strategic resources, native flora and fauna and to protect and preserve life. We perform each project to the highest of industry standards with the latest UAV/S technology.

We are proud to utilize our Australian military, aviation and mining experience into aerial technologies and innovations to maximise efficiencies for our customers.

DronePro engage in search and rescue operations when called upon to locate missing and at-risk persons amongst other tasks.

Our engineers operate thermal surveys to inspect infrastructure and vital assets including but not limited to the oil and gas industry (off-shore and on-shore platforms), mining, civil construction, solar panels, energy infrastructure, agricultural and horticultural industries.

With DronePro as your partner, you will not be restricted to the average 20 minute battery life of small multi-copter air frames.  Among our assets, we have large fixed wing air frames capable of extended flight times and range. This enables us to operate surveys of a much larger scale covering a far greater area, 24/7, providing your operation with real-time situational awareness.

With conservation in mind, we have been involved in surveys of both invasive vertebrate pest animals on private land parcels and native animal populations to identify any associated risks being in line with our core value of the preservation and protection of life.

As a DronePro client, we expect to not just meet your needs however challenging or unique but to offer you the safest, most efficient and cost-effective solutions available. Whatever your needs, we have the solution.

Contract Flight Services

We provide ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) flight services for government agencies and research/educational institutions. DronePro’s contract flight services are an alternative to client ownership/operation of their own UAS also licensing compliance and insurance obligations.

Custom Payload Integrations

At DronePro Australia, we provide aircraft and flight services for a wide range of industrial, agricultural, governmental, and humanitarian applications. With this diversity of applications in mind, our air frames are designed to be easily modified. Our engineering team can perform all necessary mechanical, electrical, and communication integrations to accommodate a variety of payloads and sensors (provided that payloads do not exceed weight/geometric limits).

CASA ReOC 6254 

ACN: 607 058 560