Rowan Pullen – Picture Reel Films


Picture Reel Films would like to thank the guys at Drone Pro, James Reeves and Steven Gould for their professional services and application on our short films Arc Raider 2017, and Bunker: The Last Fleet 2019. Both these short films are of a scifi genre format and required a technical edge and style in the photography. Drone Pro where very forthcoming with helpful advice and tips that improved our drone vision. We also felt very secure in their sponsorship of our film because of their attention to details regarding technical file format specs, deliverables and most importantly abiding to CASA laws for commercial drone use.

Fortunately our film Arc Raider received awards in 7 different countries with the inclusion of the (LAIFA) LOS ANGELES INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL AWARDS, Winner of best Sci-Fi Thriller 2017 award. Also we are proud to receive the PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD for best SCI-FI at Top Shorts online film festival GALA Event 2018.

We are now very excited to have finished production on our latest film Bunker: The Last Fleet and are currently in negotiations to turn our short pilot into a feature or television series.

Thanks for your on going support of Picture Reel Films Drone Pro.

And we cannot recommend a more professional friendly team to help support other business who are looking for rich high quality footage to add to their projects.

Awesome work DRONE PRO